Education + Fun = The Perfect Science School Assembly

Amazing Interactive STEM Assembly

Up to a DOZEN Students Get Involved in This Interactive STEM Assembly Program

If you’re looking for a fun science/STEM school assembly, you’ve come to the right place. With the right assembly program, you can get your students excited about STEM, your upcoming science fair, and more.

But the perfect science assembly needs two things:

  1. Actual science
  2. Interaction

Many so-called science assemblies are simply magic shows with science messages attached. Other STEM assemblies are filled with science but have little to no interaction. Both are recipes for disaster.

Fortunately, I have exactly what you’re looking for.

And my clients love what I do:

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NJ School assembly presenter Michael Kirschner onstage during his STEM school assembly

“…an excellent school assembly enjoyed by the staff and students. The magic tricks were very entertaining, but most importantly, the show provided a valuable lesson about respect for others and kindness. Mike was extremely professional throughout the whole experience. I highly recommend Abracabully.”

–Jacqueline Dingman

A Curriculum-Based STEM/Science Assembly that Students Love

I’m educational school assembly presenter Michael Kirshner. For years, I’ve presented fun and engaging school assemblies to students in NY, NJ, FL, CT, and PA. Teachers and school administrators rave about my assemblies, just like this one:

“This program was excellent, it was very educational and entertaining. Mr Kirschner was very accommodating and easy to work with. We got great feedback from teachers and our principal. Highly recommend!”

– MikeBeth Danenza

My assembly program “Supermarket Science” is a laugh-filled, interactive science extravaganza! Your students are actively involved in the experiments. Like the name says, this program is about experiments with things you can get from the supermarket! And because this is an actual STEM program, your students will see and hear the same science concepts they learn in their classrooms.

What Your Students Will Learn in “Supermarket Science:”

In “Supermarket Science,” your students will discover how much fun science is as they learn:

  • Science safety
  • The Scientific Method
  • States of Matter
  • Science & technology
  • Air pressure
  • Mobius strips
  • Optical illusions
  • Careers in science
  • Life, math, & physical sciences
  • The power of levers
  • Chemical reactions
  • Centrifugal forces
  • And MUCH more!

With up to a DOZEN students getting in on the action, your entire school will be riveted from beginning to end! Why? Because “Supermarket Science” is designed to be wacky, goofy, and fun!

Why This STEM Assembly is So Much Fun

Here’s just a sample of the fun your students will have during this 45-minute scientific adventure:

  • See a teacher’s head GROW and SHRINK
  • 4 students become “stinky dinosaurs” in chemical reactions
  • One student hilariously helps demonstrate The Scientific Method
  • “The World’s Strongest Kid” lifts 3 other students using the power of a simple lever
  • One student demonstrates centrifugal forces using the Triangle of Death!
  • And MUCH more!

But there’s so much more to “Supermarket Science” than just experiments and volunteers…

5 Reasons Why Your Students Will Be Riveted to This Science Assembly

After performing hundreds and hundreds of school assemblies, I know how challenging it can be to hold the attention of 400 students in one setting. So I’ve added additional ‘tools’ to help me hold everyone’s attention during the entire runtime of “Supermarket Science:”

  1. COLORFUL SET DESIGN: “Supermarket Science” features colorful banners and backdrops to capture your students’ attention. As soon as they enter the assembly area, you’ll hear them say things like, “Oh, cool!” before the show even starts!
  2. MUSIC & SOUND EFFECTS: My goal for “Supermarket Science” is to create a complete sensory experience for students. During the show, I use music and sound effects to enhance the fun and hold everyone’s attention.
  3. KID-FRIENDLY HUMOR: Too many incoming STEM programs are boring and dry lectures. Not this show! “Supermarket Science” is filled with goofy, kid-friendly humor.
  4. PA SYSTEM & MIC: The best school assemblies in the world won’t hold your students’ attention if they can’t hear it. I provide my own state-of-the-art sound system and wireless microphone so everyone can hear every word of my presentation.
  5. FAST PACE: To keep up with students’ energy, “Supermarket Science” is a fast-paced adventure. Although the show is packed with valuable curriculum-based science concepts and lessons, I keep things moving so no one gets bored…guaranteed!

Take the Next Step

I’d love to bring “Supermarket Science” to your school. If you’d like more information, you can contact me in three ways:

  1. Call me directly at (866) 479-1110. Ask me any questions you’d like. I promise I won’t try to “sell” you. We’ll just have a conversation about your school and your assembly needs.
  2. Email me at or
  3. Fill out the Contact Form on this page. I’ll zip “Supermarket Science” information to you ASAP. Plus just for responding, I’ll also include my FREE special report, “The 3-Word Solution to Improve Your School Environment.” It’s yours FREE just for contacting me.

WARNING: I May Not Be Able to Bring This Assembly to Your School

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I have to warn you…because I perform hundreds of assemblies each year, my schedule books up weeks or even months in advance, especially for busy times of the year, like October. To avoid disappointment, contact me right away while you’re thinking about it.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

–Michael Kirschner