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Your Students & Faculty Will Remember These Programs for Years


“Magic Mike was so much fun at our elementary school! We had almost 1500 students and all of them were super engaged and laughing the whole time. His story has a great message and the kids loved being able to interact with his story. It was just as entertaining for the teachers as it was for the students. I highly recommend his assembly.”

Heather Kani

Fun & Magical School Assembly Programs on Bullying, Science, & More Serving NY & NJ

The best school assemblies in New York and New Jersey can change lives. The worst ones just eat up your budget and waste your school’s time. But how do you know which ones are worth booking…and which ones are not?

I’ll help you answer that question.

I’m Michael Kirschner, an educational school assembly presenter. For the last 8+ years, I’ve presented fun and educational school assembly programs on bullying across New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Pennsylvania, and New York. My clients love my shows and the results I get.

Here’s what one client had to say:


“Awesome assembly with a powerful message. Mike Magic was very engaging, fun, and really grabs the attention of students and staff. The students enjoyed the energy that Magic Mike brought to the stage. They enjoyed his magic tricks, and most importantly the message of being kind, respectful, and showing empathy to others. I strongly recommend this assembly to all schools and all grade levels.”

–Claribel Hamai

And that’s not the only one. You can read more comments from past school principals, counselors, and PTA/PTO parents throughout this site.

Because I get the results school administrators and parents are looking for, I feel confident in sharing with you…

3 Critical Characteristics Every Exceptional School Assembly Presenter Share

I know you have a wide selection of potential school assemblies to choose from. It’s easier than ever to put up a website and call yourself an expert in any form of business. Let me help you make your decision easier. Below are some key details to look for when booking an educational school assembly:

1. Educationally Significant

Your school day is too valuable to waste on a presenter who presents a fun show under the guise of true education. The sad reality is many assembly presenters in NJ think that all they have to do is attach a few messages to their regular show.

True assembly experts know that the entire show must reinforce your school’s curriculum. If the show fails to do that, you’ve wasted your valuable assembly funds. (My programs are built from the ground up with education in mind.) But how do you know your presenter will deliver? I’ll cover that in a moment.

2. Interactive & Engaging

Yes, your assembly presenter needs to focus on education first. But if they just drone on without end, your students will tune them out. They’ll ignore the presenter, start talking, and pretty soon, your assembly will break down into chaos.

The best school assemblies in the NY, CT, PA, FL & NJ area perfectly balance fun with messages. These presenters know that to keep a large group of 400 (or more) students engaged, they must have fun. And the most effective way to engage students? Get them involved! (In each of my programs, I invite several students onstage, and involve your staff, too!)

3. Social Proof

It doesn’t matter what any school assembly performer says about their show. What matters is what others say. The best school assembly presenters will have comments from satisfied clients to back up their claims.

And this is important: The school assemblies worth your time will have comments from past school clients for you to see. Not comments from birthdays or other non-school events. (You can see what my past clients say throughout my site.)

My assemblies are educational, balanced with fun, and backed up by thrilled clients. But some performers are fickle. And some want the ‘rockstar’ treatment. That’s not me! I’ll be the easiest assembly presenter you hire. Here’s why…

5 Reasons Why Your Students & Staff Will Love My Educational School Assemblies

A man in blue jacket standing on wooden floor.

1. Magic:

Yup, Magic! I use eye-popping magic that is amazing and fun for your students. And the magic I use is perfectly tied to my lessons and concepts. The magic routines become unforgettable illustrations of my messages, making them ‘stick’ in your students’ minds.

2. Interactive Fun:

Kids love helping out during my programs. And when volunteers are onstage with me, the entire audience is riveted. They want to know what’s going to happen to them. It’s one more way I grab and hold your students’ attention.

A man and boy in front of a stage.
A crowd of people watching an audience in front of a puppet show.

3. Self-Contained:

Your school is bustling with activity every day. To make things easier, I bring everything I need. Tables, carts, PA system, I bring it all. You don’t need to lift a finger!

4. Kid-Friendly Humor:

You’ll see your students laughing, clapping, and having a wonderful time. Every joke or bit of humor I use is completely family-friendly. Nothing is ever suggestive or inappropriate.

A man in a blue jacket is smiling for the camera.
A boy and his father on stage at the school

5. Multiple Topics:

Some schools want to focus their assemblies on character education. Others zero in on curriculum-based topics. So I offer programs on each! My incredible “Abracabully” program earns rave reviews as a highly effective anti-bullying school assembly. And my “Supermarket Science” STEM assembly is packed with amazing science experiments!

Now It's Your Decision...

I’d love to visit your school! Let’s connect. You can reach me in two ways:

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PLEASE NOTE: I perform school assemblies in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Sometimes I’m even asked to perform in Florida! With such a large territory, my schedule fills up quickly. Please contact me as soon as possible to reserve your preferred date(s).

I look forward to visiting your school with one of my powerful and fun-filled school assemblies!

–Michael Kirschner