Making Bullying


Using the Art of Magic to Teach Kids How to Cope with,
Avoid, and Stop Bullying

M3EP, inc


i.C.A.R.E Program For Anti-Bullying

Hello. I am Michael Kirschner. I have designed an anti-bullying program called ABRACABULLY, The i.C.A.R.E program. I love what I do as it gives me a chance to make a difference in children's lives. Please stand with me in this fight to end bullying.


My Mission

My mission is to use the art of magic to teach kids how to cope with, avoid, and stop bullying from both sides. The end goal is to encourage, empower, and educate children by teaching them about avoiding being bullied, helping someone who's being bullied, and explaining how not to be a bully.

Magic is an engaging and exciting way to keep kids' attention and get them actively involved in this learning process. Don’t be afraid to help people who need assistance in fighting against bullying. Speaking up and standing against bullying is not just okay. It’s a must.

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M3EP, inc Presents Abracabully - The i.C.A.R.E Program

My program, Abracabully, The i.C.A.R.E, stands for individual, community, attitude, respect, and empathy. Through this acronym, I deliver my powerful bully story and educate children on what to do if they are being bullied or know someone being bullied. I perform magic with a message.

My program's core values stand on five essential aspects, i.e., family, compassion, respect, integrity, and excellence.