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Your Students Will Be Empowered By This Bully Prevention Assembly Program

Bullying in schools is a major problem. Past generations might call it “just teasing” or “boys being boys.” None of that is true. Bullying can affect people in shocking ways. Bullying can lead to emotional problems and difficulties lasting well into adulthood.

I should know. I was the victim of bullying in schools as a child.

I’m New Jersey-based school assembly presenter Michael Kirschner. For the last eight years, I’ve crisscrossed the Northeast, presenting my educational anti-bullying school assembly “Abracabully” to schools in NY, NJ, CT, and PA.

Because I was bullied as a child, this topic is near and dear to me. I have designed “Abracabully” to give your students important lessons about bullying in school. My passion for this subject shows, as my past clients say:

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A man in a blue jacket is smiling for the camera.

“Abracabully was an excellent school assembly enjoyed by the staff and students. The magic tricks were very entertaining, but most importantly, the show provided a valuable lesson about respect for others and kindness. Mike was extremely professional throughout the whole experience. I highly recommend Abracabully.”

–Jacqueline Dingman

But I know it’s not enough to have passion. An effective school assembly on bullying needs to give students an action plan. It needs to teach them what to do if they are ever bullied. Most of all, kids need to know they are not alone.

The Key Lessons in the “Abracabully” Bully Prevention School Assembly Program

“Abracabully” is built upon my I.C.A.R.E. acronym which stands for Individual, Community, Attitude, Respect, and Empathy. While weaving this acronym throughout the program, your students will also discover:

  • The difference between telling and tattling
  • What is a bystander?
  • How to become an “upstander”
  • Who to turn to when they have a problem

And one of my primary goals in “Abracabully” is letting your students know they can and should seek out help if they see someone being bullied…or if they’re the victim.

This all sounds heavy, doesn’t it? Don’t worry – this assembly program on bullying is fun and exciting, too!

4 Ways This Anti-Bullying School Assembly Captivates Your Students

With any assembly topic, just talking to a large group of children is a sure-fire way to bore them. They’ll lose interest, and soon your teachers will hear the kids whispering, talking, and even rolling around on the floor!

That’s why I bring the “fun” to every school assembly I perform. Check out just some of the ways I hold the attention of even the youngest students:

  • Amazing Magic: Magic has never been more popular! With “Fool Us” on TV and millions of YouTube magician clips, children watch magic more than ever. I bring state-of-the-art magic that even fools teachers and staff. Your students will be riveted because they won’t want to miss what happens next!


  • Join-In Fun: Want any audience to remember something longer? Get them involved! That’s true for any age. That’s why every school assembly I offer gets plenty of volunteers onstage to help. And to add to the fun, I even get some of your staff involved, too!


  • Loads of Laughter: Laughing is good for our health. Laughter makes learning easier. And laughter makes it easier to hold the attention of your students! But don’t worry. Every silly line gag, or joke is age-appropriate and kid-friendly.


  • My Story: Since the dawn of humankind, storytelling has been a highly effective way to hold anyone’s attention. I share my story of bullying with your students and as I do, you’ll be amazed at the silence. My story is powerful and real. Everyone will be 100% captivated.

Using these tools, your students will understand what this topic means to me. Because I was bullied in school, “Abracabully” is more than just a ‘show’ or a way to perform magic in schools. It’s my goal to end bullying in schools.

Ready to Move Forward?

I’d love to visit your school and share my story. Most of all, I want to help you create a safe and positive environment for your students. Now it’s up to you to take the next step. We can connect in three ways:

  1. Fill out the Contact Form HERE. I’ll send you more information about “Abracabully.” And just for responding, I will also send you my free report, “The 3-Word Solution to Improving Your School Environment.” It’s my gift to you for reaching out.
  2. Call me at (866) 479-1110. I’m a one-person operation but I’ll return your call ASAP.
  3. Email me at

Here comes the ‘big warning.’ Each year, I perform school assembly programs to schools in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania…and even Florida on occasion. With a territory that large, my dates are often booked up months in advance.

I’d hate for your students to miss out on this potentially life-changing experience. Why not contact me right now, while you’re thinking about it?

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

–Michael Kirschner